Update from the Clinic – Countdown to Home

I am relaunching the blog with a series of posts that were originally published in 2014.  Please scroll to the bottom to start with the first post.

August 10, 2014

I have a release date, August 18, 2014.  It will have been just over two months since I was admitted.  For those of you in the Cincinnati area who are looking for ways to help us with the transition, I will have some ideas at the end of this post.

This past week has been very productive.  I am now walking in 50 and 100 foot loops, leaving my wheelchair parked and working my way back to it.  That is a real-world exercise in how I will be doing things at home.  I have started working on stairs.   I need to get up 5 7-inch steps to get into our house.  That will be my first challenge when I get home.

Mary Ann and  I have gone over my daily routine with my OT and PT and we have worked out how showers will work and how I can fix my meals during the day.  We will set up a temporary “office” for me to keep me busy and transition back to work while we move my full office upstairs.  We are renting a chair lift to get me from our main floor to our bedroom – bathroom floor until I can master the steps.  I am very thankful to have this last week in therapy to keep working on my skills and develop the strength in my legs and arms.  Just last week we thought I would need to transition into a skilled nursing facility when I was released from the Clinic and it is great that I will be able to go straight home.  Thank you to all of the folks who have been praying for clarity for us in making that decision.

Once home, we will need to flip the house upside down to make it work for me,  that is where we can use help.  Our family room will be moved to our living room and my office will be moved to our family room.  We will be selling some furniture over the next couple weeks to help make room for stuff.  If you want to help, there are two main functions.  The first is the heavy lifting of moving furniture from room to room and to and from the basement.  The second is in moving some cable and internet connections for my office.  We are going to try to coordinate the effort through church (Montgomery Community Church) and if you want to help, let me know and I will get you in touch with the right people.

Once I am home, I look forward to getting re-integrated into life.  We aren’t sure what that process looks like.  It will depend a little on how quickly I master the steps into the house and getting into the car.  But, my goal is to be moving around, going to church, out to eat, etc. by the first of September.  Things continue to happen quickly, so that seems like a reachable goal.

The prayer requests have not changed for this week.  Please continue to pray for physical, spiritual and emotional strength for me and for our family.  I would like to conquer the entryway steps and develop a good daily routine.  Mary Ann starts school the week I get home and will be balancing my return home with her return to work.  I will need patience in working out all the details of this transition.  I have waited a long time to be at this point and it will be hard when all the stuff I’d like to get done won’t be done in a week.

Thanks for reading and thanks for staying with us.  If all goes as planned, the next update will be the last one from the Cleveland Clinic.



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