Update – Cincinnati – January 20

Good morning from Cincinnati.  This week the changes have been good and very noticeable.  This is a quick update of the changes and prayer requests.

My breathing is finally better. I’m not sure what happens, but I know it is a point I hit as I recover from a flare-up.  I can tell a difference in my breathing and people I talk to usually say “you sound better today.”  The break came mid-week.  It is also the sign that I can begin to taper my steroids without the relapse starting again.

I am getting the strength back in my legs.  I have done OK with the steps in the condo and they have given me some nice every-day therapy.  I have also started walking the dog a little, which the Daisy and Mary Ann both appreciate.  I will probably avoid the gym until we get beyond the flu season a little.

My follow-up appointment at the Cleveland Clinic this week was fine.  We talked about some options for changing my medication but will wait until spring before we make any decisions.  The time at the Clinic was about three hours longer than I planned because the doctor sent me off for an X-ray and blood test afterward.  Thankfully, our son-in-law Mike went up me and drove most of the way.  It makes for a long day when I need to drive 4 hours each way to get to a doctor’s appointment.

I have reached the point that the steroids are waking me up in the morning.  That is another indicator that I am getting rested and usually happen as my other symptoms decline.  As a practical matter, it means that I will have a week or so of early mornings when I can write blog posts and to other stuff.

Please continue to pray for my recovery.  My biggest concern is avoiding the flu and the respiratory infections that are common this time of year.  Pray for my law practice.  Specifically, that I will meet new clients.  Pray that God will continue to use this experience to teach me and give me the opportunity to share my experience with others.

If you would like, please sign up to receive notices of blog posts.  It is in the upper right hand corner of this page.  I will be doing a weekly devotional post on Sundays and posts on other topics as things come up.

Thanks for your continued support and concern.

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